Supply and Demand Tables

The COE have developed a suite of data tools to support the community college’s decision-making with labor market data. Utilize these data tools to evaluate projected occupational demand and the supply of graduates from a program(s) of study.

TOP-SOC Crosswalk

Match California Community College TOP code programs to Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes and titles.

LMI Guides

A brief overview of LMI sources, tailored to the questions that colleges commonly ask related to developing programs, curriculum, writing grants, program review, and regional planning.


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Public Administration - Public Leadershi...


IEDR November Newsletter

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Registered Nursing

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Construction Management and Inspection -...


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SDCCE - Culinary Arts

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Health Information Technology Certified ...

Optical Technology

NFN COE Economic Update July 2021

NFN COE Economic Update June 2021

Agriculture Workforce Needs Assessment W...

Health Information Technology Certified ...

Public Health Occupations in the Greater...

Healthcare Administration in the Greater...

Film, TV, and Electronic Media

Substance Abuse Counselors in Greater Sa...

Automotive Technology

Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Audio Post Production

Computer Systems and Networking - North

Computer Technology and Information Syst...

Construction Workers - South

Personal Trainers - South

Security Professionals and System Admini...

Stagecraft - South

Electro-Mechanical Technology

Building and Facilities Maintenance Work...

Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

Applied Photography

Technical Support Specialist

Baking and Patisserie


LA Registered Nursing

LA Logistics and Materials Transportatio...

LA Insurance Professional

LA Anesthesia Technician

LA Occupational Health and Safety

Public Administration - Public Leadershi...

IEDR November Newsletter

Registered Nursing

Machining and Machine Tools

SDCCE - Accounting

SDCCE - Administrative Medical Assisting...

SDCCE - Automotive Collision Repair

SDCCE - Automotive Technology

SDCCE - Business Management

SDCCE - Certified Nurse Assistant

Perkins V: Supplemental Guide to Labor M...

Perkins V: Qualifying Occupations

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