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Recycling & Materials Management

In 2013, the COE surveyed over 230 Recycling & Materials Management (R&MM) firms in California to better understand their workforce needs. Survey results indicate that more than 14,000 jobs could be created over the next two years, representing a 10% job growth rate over the period. More+

Focus on Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is an essential part of the state and regional economies and each year, billions of dollars in products are manufactured in California. This report focuses on the growth and job requirements of eight manufacturing occupations. When surveyed, employers projected creating nearly 1,800 new jobs in these 8 occupations over the next five years. More+

STEM in 20

STEM in 20, a COE research project in collaboration with the Institute for the Future (IFTF), takes an explorative look at innovations affecting workforce trends in the next 20 years, focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM in 20+

"The environmental scans are an invaluable tool to us and we appreciate that you are still able to do this incredible work...we are very thankful for what you do."

Marcy Drummond, Vice President
LA Trade-Technical College

Doing What Matters for Jobs & the Economy

an Economic and Workforce Development program initiative

The California Community College's Chancellor's Office Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy campaign focuses on determining labor market needs as a basis for regional capacity planning and sector priorities.

Industry Sector Profiles

To support the work of the Doing What Matters for Jobs & the Economy campaign, the Centers of Excellence developed profiles on priority sectors in California. The sectors were chosen for their relevance to the state's economy and also for the opportunity they present for advancing a qualified workforce to serve local communities.

Energy & Utilities New! Small Business Updated!
Agriculture Retail Updated!
Healthcare Updated! Advanced Manufacturing Updated!
Biotechnology Updated! Hospitality & Tourism Updated!
Advanced Transportation Updated! Global Trade & Logistics New!
Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) Updated!

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