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Recycling & Materials Management

In 2013, the COE surveyed over 230 Recycling & Materials Management (R&MM) firms in California to better understand their workforce needs. Survey results indicate that more than 14,000 jobs could be created over the next two years, representing a 10% job growth rate over the period. More+

Focus on Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is an essential part of the state and regional economies and each year, billions of dollars in products are manufactured in California. This report focuses on the growth and job requirements of eight manufacturing occupations. When surveyed, employers projected creating nearly 1,800 new jobs in these 8 occupations over the next five years. More+

STEM in 20

STEM in 20, a COE research project in collaboration with the Institute for the Future (IFTF), takes an explorative look at innovations affecting workforce trends in the next 20 years, focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM in 20+

"These numbers show a real opportunity to train individuals into high growth occupations in the Bay Area. Knowing what occupations and skills are most important is a key factor in re-training displaced workers and getting them back to work, which ultimately will help re-energize our economy here in California."

Dan Geiger, Executive Director
U.S. Green Building Council
Northern California Chapter

Energy and Utilities in California

Providing Data Driven Information

Industry Profile: Smart Grid

The Centers of Excellence developed this Smart Grid industry profile to help colleges better understand what this emerging field is all about and how jobs will be impacted in the Utility, Energy and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sectors over the next decade.

Because Energy and Utilities are priority industry sectors in California, community college leaders will be interested in learning more about how to align existing programs in Engineering, Energy and ICT with employers’ workforce needs as the Smart Grid transformation unfolds.

New! Smart Grid Industry Profile (pdf) - November, 2012

Energy Efficiency Study

In 2008, the Centers of Excellence launched a research project to study the workforce needs of energy efficiency businesses throughout California. Locate the environmental scan for your region here or browse the key findings for each region (below).

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