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Life Sciences & Biotech Middle Skills Workforce

This collaborative study confirms that six Middle Skills occupations are significant to the Life Sciences/Biotechnology sector, supporting more than 17,000 jobs currently and anticipating 4,700 job openings over the next five years. Community colleges prepare students for these jobs, but might need to expand capacity and better align programs to meet employer demands. More+

Recycling & Materials Management

In 2013, the COE surveyed over 230 Recycling & Materials Management (R&MM) firms in California to better understand their workforce needs. Survey results indicate that more than 14,000 jobs could be created over the next two years, representing a 10% job growth rate over the period. More+

Focus on Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is an essential part of the state and regional economies and each year, billions of dollars in products are manufactured in California. This report focuses on the growth and job requirements of eight manufacturing occupations. When surveyed, employers projected creating nearly 1,800 new jobs in these 8 occupations over the next five years. More+

"The Centers of Excellence are a key resource to our members in understanding how industry workforce needs impact local economic development."

Wayne Schell
Ca. Association for Local Economic Development (CALED)

Allied Health

Healthcare trends and opportunities in California

The allied healthcare industry is a vital component of California’s healthcare system and accounts for close to 60% of all health care employment in the state. To further explore in-demand allied health occupations and assess their relevance to community college education and training, the Centers of Excellence coordinated a multi-regional effort, resulting in the following body of reports.

Employer Survey Results: Healthcare Occupations
(pdf), January 2014
In the spring of 2013, the Center of Excellence conducted a survey of small, medium and large-sized healthcare employers in Los Angeles and Orange counties. The 8 occupations studied are expected to see an 11% job growth overall in the next five years.

Reports and Research


Northern California Region

Health Imaging Occupations in Northern California (pdf), February 2013
Within the healthcare sector, diagnostic imaging is a growing field that requires specialized training and education. This study assesses the employment demand and training challenges of seven in-demand imaging occupations/technologies.

Health Occupations in the Northern Inland and Coastal Regions (pdf), November 2012
Over the next 12 months, the healthcare sector is expected to hire 2,175 workers in the Northern Inland Region and 1,300 workers in the Northern Coastal Region to replace workers that are retiring and accommodate growth.

Also available, key findings for each region: Northern Inland Counties (pdf), Northern Coastal Counties (pdf)

Inland Empire

Healthcare Industry & Occupations (pdf), May 2012
As a seemingly recession-resistant field for job seekers to enter and retain employment, the healthcare sector offers jobs in a wide range of occupations and skill levels. The purpose of this study is to provide a snapshot of the Inland Empire’s healthcare labor market, identify workforce gaps, and recommend strategies for a sustainable healthcare workforce.

San Francisco Bay and Greater Silicon Valley Regions

South Central Coast Region