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Guides for Using Labor Market Information

Recently, the number of data sources for labor market information (LMI) has grown considerably. Given all these sources of information, it can be difficult to know which are best suited to the questions most often asked by community colleges.Two new guides help to demystify labor market data.Making Use of Labor Market Information Guide is structured around the types of questions that community colleges commonly ask related to developing new programs, grant applications, program review, and regional planning. Understanding Labor Market Information Resources is a companion guide designed to help practitioners evaluate 21 commonly-used  LMI sources, including strengths, limitations, screenshots, and web links.

Alternative Fuel & Advanced Transportation Technologies

Although there have been high-level assessments of jobs evolving from the development of the alternative fuel and advanced vehicle technologies, little has been done to understand specific workforce needs of employers and how post-secondary education responds. To explore further, the California Energy Commission commissioned a series of reports from the COE - incorporating surveys of fleet, dealership and automotive repair services employers, focus groups and expert interviews. More+

Healthcare Occupations in California

In partnership with the Health Workforce Initiative (HWI) and the California Hospital Association (CHA), the Centers of Excellence (COE) conducted a study of healthcare occupations in seven regions across California. The study included a survey of ambulatory care and nursing/residential care facilities, and an additional survey of hospitals within CHA membership. More+

"The information provided in the two Centers of Excellence reports substantiated what many of us believed was a need. But without the hard data, we were not certain of the extent of the need. I have used the statistics in your reports with our local press in their reporting of the need, in or own marketing materials, and in explaining the need to our campus. These statistics will also form the basis of our grant application. I cannot thank you enough for this important work."

Pablo Buckelew
Dean Educational Programs
Santa Barbara City College


Below are various publications helpful for community colleges and our workforce and economic development stakeholders.

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Green Careers Resource Guide (updated throughout the year)

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), 2008-09 Edition

How Should Colleges Assess and Improve Student Learning? Employers’ Views on the Accountability Challenge (January, 2008)

How Many College Graduates does the U.S. Labor Force really need? (February, 2008)

Economic Impact of the 42007 Wildfires

Are They Really Ready to Work? (October, 2006)

Closing the Health Workforce Gap in California (November, 2007)

Inc. 5,000: The Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America (2007)

Research Brief: Patterns and Trends in the Location Decisions of California Businesses (November, 2007)

The Economic Impacts of CalPERS Investments on the California Economy (September, 2007)